The Book

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Earthly Plan The structure of Religion on formations is based on geological and photographic evidence from the 280-million-year-old event. The book is an analysis primarily of three unique and complementary formation images discovered on buttes in Sedona, Arizona. Their messages imply that an ancient civilization and society governed and predetermined humanity's entire existence. This is significant, as it changes many theories of human social evolution and is an indicator of future probabilities. The three formation images and others represent related ideas and religious concepts that human culture has integrated over thousands of years. Like the Rosetta Stone that was a key to interpreting the Ancient Egyptian texts, the three photographs hold a key to clarifying the extent of the Universe to human influence and relationship.

The photos further suggest a relationship to various social and religious views that first appear in Ancient Egypt. However, the formation images captured developed long before humans appeared on Earth. This is based on geological dating references, suggesting that the predetermination of the human’s mindful concepts preceded their existence.

Current culture mirrors ancient formation image messages. The observation and implication are that history repeats itself — the 280-million-year-old event. That notion is expressed and reinforced every day by human activities.

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